The perks of going all electric


Electric vehicles, or EVs, are a bit of a novelty in business. They are surrounded by myths, and by a mix of fear and clichés*. And that is completely understandable: EVs are new, and running a business with them takes a bit of getting used to, like with a new routine. However, once you get the ball rolling, there is no going back! EVs offer many perks as business vehicles:


In the United Kingdom, as in numerous other European nations, the government is incentivising the purchase of electric vehicles, starting with a £4,500 grant at the time of purchase. How about not paying any road tax (no emissions), no London Congestion Charge for our friends down south? Until 2021, you get a 100% first year allowance. Fuel costs are lower, and much less prone to dramatic variations as we have seen with traditional gas in the past.


Example of yearly fuel cost savings ©

Example of yearly fuel cost savings ©


EVs are sustainable, not only because they use a cleaner energy source (fossil fuels are being dropped as the cost of renewables energy become competitive), but because they require much less maintenance than a typical ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). With less moving parts, less fluids of all sorts, and the smooth deceleration of regenerative braking (the car charges the battery when slowing down, you hardly use your brakes), servicing is quick, cheap and painless.

Charging means networking

One of the recurring questions I hear is: “how far can you go on a charge?” It’s a bit like asking someone if they’ll use their full tank every time they go for a drive. My EV goes as far as I want it to go, and when I stop for lunch, for coffee, or elsewhere, the EV’s idle time is actually useful: it charges. The Charge Place Scotland network is fast and widespread around the country, and when you’re seen plugging in your EV, it’s inevitably a conversation starter. You never know who you’ll meet on the road.


Providing a sustainable, cleaner and emission-free private transport solution, in Scotland, has an incredible effect in terms of image. Not only is it now possible to cross the country using solely electric power, the customer curiosity for EVs added with the growing demand for environmentally-sound travel create an enthusiast response and a positive outlook on the future of personal transportation.

So, when is your next zero-emission free journey with E-City Chauffeur in Scotland?

*On clichés, I recommend that you watch Fully Charged's short series on what it's like to live with an electric car.

Nicolas Loisel