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We're Green Tourism certified

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E-City Chauffeur Ltd has been recognised by the Green Tourism scheme for its eco-friendly approach to travel in Scotland. We strive to promote a greener way of travelling around Scotland, safeguarding the environment and the very sites that make Scotland unique.

All-electric travel

We use a state-of-the art fully electric vehicle for all our services: the Tesla Model S75. This means no emissions of CO2 whatsoever while travelling, and a lesser overall impact on the environment in comparison to a similar gasoline saloon vehicle. All charging is provided by the Charge Place Scotland network and the Tesla Supercharging network.

No plastic bottles

We currently stock and provide Highland Spring water in glass bottles for all our services. Highland Spring is locally based, in Perthshire, and provides natural-source water from the Ochill Hills. They keep the land around their source free of pollution, pesticides or habitation, and have been awarded with the Soil Association Organic certification, as well as the Good Shopping Guide Ethical Company certification.

Reduced paper usage

While we aim to print as little as possible, we either print our material (business cards, welcome signs, leaflets) on recycled paper, or in one case, have the printing carbon-compensated. All our offers are sent electronically, and clients do not need to print any confirmation email.


We collect all rubbish during our tours and services, and recycle it.

Green-friendly suppliers

E-City Chauffeur seeks to showcase the best of Scotland, whereas it is with food, whisky, culture or accommodation. We will always recommend suppliers that have a green policy in place, or that work primarily with local produce.

Our electricity and heating supplier is Bulb, which supply us with 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas.

Giving something back

On the 1st July 2018, we have pledged to donate the equivalent of 1.5% of our yearly profits (before tax) to the Woodland Trust, a non-profit organisation in the UK looking to maintain and protect woodlands and trees on British soil, giving nature and wildlife a chance to thrive in their natural habitat. 


Offsetting your journeys

If we’re striving to make journeys in Scotland as eco-friendly as possible, air travel remains one of the most damaging mean of travel to the environment. Fortunately, there are ways to offset your carbon footprint with projects like ClimateCare, and we will always strongly recommend our clientele to do it.

Help us be greener

E-City Chauffeur Ltd is committed to reducing our environmental impact across all areas of our business. 

In 2018, E-City Chauffeur will be one of Scotland's first private touring company to exclusively provide all-electric travel to all our clients.

In the next 2 years, we are aiming to:

  • Develop a fleet of all-electric vehicles

  • Install LED lights throughout our office

  • Carbon-compensate all deliveries made to our head office

  • Built and develop partnerships with Green Tourism approved companies and accommodation providers

  • Work with a local artists in order to create stunning marketing material