Zero-Emission business

Create sustainable events


With a dedicated meet-and-greet service, as well as premium in-car amenities, E-City Chauffeur will ensure you experience the smoothest arrival in Scotland.

Whether you are attending a conference, travelling between meetings or simply showcasing your products to your clients, E-City Chauffeur provides you with zero-emission transport solutions.


In the age of transparent business, a clean and sustainable vehicle will set you apart from your competitors.




Make a statement

Let the cleanest, most sustainable vehicle around promote your business ethos, and impress your VIP clients and partners.

E-City Chauffeur offers personalised à la carte transfers and hire packages. We can even display your logo, or any special message, on the vehicle's 17" touchscreen.

Make the most of your transfer time: the serene environment of the Model S cabin will be the perfect setting for a productive business session.


Green Travel


All-electric Transport


At the forefront of electric technology, our Tesla Model S vehicle is the most efficient, silent and powerful electric vehicle around.


With over 240 miles of range on a full charge and premium amenities, such as glass bottle water, USB charging port and heated seats, our Tesla Model S 75 wil be your lounge on wheels.



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